Two words, 13 letters: Potty training – one of the first major milestones in the Great Parenting Odyssey

Two words, 13 letters: Potty training – one of the first major milestones in the Great Parenting Odyssey

Unlike walking and talking, which are “natural instincts” your baby is born with, potty training is a much greater challenge. Let’s put it this way: The potty training process is perhaps the first time in your little one’s life when he/she needs to step out of the comfort zone.

You can find dozens of potty teaching tips out there, some good, some bad, some really exaggerated. However, we believe that the best piece of advice we’ve come across is: Treat toilet training as a mutual task. It requires cooperation, patience and a good understanding of your kid’s emotional readiness.

As soon as you’ll believe it, everything else will fall into place. Your child’s crying out loud, the mess cleaning and, of course, the annoying songs like “Eenie pee-pee miney poo” will simply get you one step closer to unlocking the deserving level of “Genius Parent”.

We’re not trying to sell you illusions, clichés or to undermine the amount of effort potty training actually requires. Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is pretty hard. What we’re trying to say is that you can dramatically lower your spending and optimize your overall endeavours by choosing the right hacks and… by relaxing.

For starters, we might as well call it “The P Training” because it’s Potty training for your kid and Parenting training for you. Yes, that is correct. By the end of the much debated potty training process, you’re going to: know a little bit more about your anger and patience boundaries, have a stronger relationship with your kid, empower him and develop his self-confidence foundation.

So grab a cocktail, momma/papa bear, and embrace the challenge.

You might say it’s easier said than done, but good news is that the simple solutions work best. So before spending an unnecessary amount of money on stuff you’ll most likely throw away after a couple of weeks, take a step back and check out the short Potty training checklist below. We’ve collected the best potty training tips based on our customers’ feedback, so we guarantee they will definitely work for you as well.

They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, so choose a fun designed potty, instead of a dull and boring one. We recommend grab-on handles for ease of use means, plus you’ll give your kid the impression he’s reigning on a throne.

A nice design will surely help, but you know what guarantees your child’s entertainment while potty training? A glowing potty! A fun toilet night light will turn the potty into eye candy for your kid. You’ll most likely enjoy the color carousel as much as your little fellow.

Call us old fashioned, but there’s perhaps no other tool that will reenact the potty training process for your kid like a book. Make it short and sweet choose an easy understandable reading material with a visually stunning graphic design.

Unlike the before mentioned solutions, we’re not considering this one a high priority tool. However, it will definitely make your life easier, so you might want to check out an interactive package with talking toys and reward stickers.

Protip: You can print the checklist out, explain it to your kid and use it as an interactive guide to support the potty training business.

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