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    Toilet Night Light

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    Toilet Night Light

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    The single button (placed below the sensor) fulfils 3 functions:
    1. Pick a single fixed color: Press long (2 seconds) until the LED blinks blue. Then press short until you reach your favorite color and wait a few seconds until the LED flashes once.
    To switch back to color rotation mode press long (2 seconds) until the led blinks green.
    2. Dimmer: Press short to toggle through 5 stages of brightness.
    3. Turn toilet light ON and OFF: Press extra long (7 seconds) until the LED blinks red. When this happens the sensors are OFF, the toilet light will not react to movement. To turn back ON again you just need to press short once.
    VERY IMPORTANT: Many customers play around with the button and end up turning the toilet light OFF. In some of the cases they confuse the OFF state with the product not working, it being broken.

    The sensors react to light and movement so the device will only turn on in the dark. It is common that our customers first test the device in a lighted, so please have in mind that the sensor turns itself on ONLY in a dark room. Then, the sensor will detect your movement and light up the device. We recommend placing the toilet light facing the door for an optimized motion detection.

    Yes! Feel free to adjust the bendable exterior arm as much as you need to.

    The toilet light and its bendable arm that is fixed in the toilet bowl are resistant to water splashes. However, we advise against submerging the device under water.
    If you do need to clean the toilet light, we recommend using a damp cloth.

    No worries. Your product is protected by 1 year warranty + the option to extend for 3 years free of charge. Send us an email at contact@mind-glowing.com if you encounter any issues.

    We offer 24/7 superstar customer support. If you have a question or an issue, we will go miles to make it right. Please feel free to contact us anytime at contact@mind-glowing.com.

    We strive to illuminate your home in beautiful & creative ways, while keeping utility as our priority. That's why all our products are much more than useful household items, they're moments of joy.


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