Warranty Information

Going the extra mile for our customers is a top priority and this is why we’re offering an Extended Warranty for all products bought from Mind-Glowing.

Here are the terms you need to be aware of when claiming your Warranty:

  • In order claim your warranty drop us a line at contact@mind-glowing.com. Please make sure you include your order number, email, first & last name and a brief description of the problem you’re facing.
  • If any of your products bought from Mind-Glowing ever malfunctions or breaks, you are entitled of receiving a replacement item for free. No more than 1 replacement per purchased product. 
  • The standard warranty is one year, but if you register at www.mind-glowing.com/warranty your warranty will be extended to 4 years.
  • When requesting a replacement item, we would kindly ask you to briefly explain what happened to the product. In order to improve the quality of our products, it would be much appreciated if you could send photos showing the issue of the product (if possible).
  • Please note that all warranty conditions inherently imply that the beneficiary uses the product as instructed, under normal conditions (e.g. water damage to the main board and breakage are considered products misuse).

How Mind-Glowing started with a "tail"

Hey there! I'm Pablo, a Jack Russell with a knack for bright ideas. My story kicked off when Andrei accidentally stepped on my tail in the dark, leading us to create our first hit: the toilet light. But it wasn't just us—Andrei's wife, Julia, saw a world of possibilities.

Together, we've crafted a range of lights from moon lamps to galaxy projectors, all with Julia's magical touch. They're not just lights; they're a way to ignite imagination for kids and adults alike. Our journey from a simple accident to a universe of light has been nothing short of magical, thanks to a bit of creativity and a lot of love.

Pablo, Chief Executive Pupper at Mind-Glowing