RainBowl 8 Color Toilet Night Light
RainBowl 8 Color Toilet Night Light
RainBowl 8 Color Toilet Night Light
RainBowl 8 Color Toilet Night Light
RainBowl 8 Color Toilet Night Light
RainBowl 8 Color Toilet Night Light
RainBowl 8 Color Toilet Night Light
RainBowl 8 Color Toilet Night Light

RainBowl 8 Color Toilet Night Light

$10.95 USD


👌🏽 You must know that feeling when, woken up by nature's call you're lying there in bed, planning out your bathroom trip. Whether you're stressed about turning on the blinding lights, bumping into stuff (FYI, there are yearly over 30.000 toilet related injuries in the US alone) or worried about waking up your better half, RainBowl Toilet Night Light is the best solution.

👶 It's been scientifically proven that children reach a certain age where fear of the dark becomes unavoidable, but certainly outgrow-able. Start spook-proofing your home with the RainBowl Toilet Night Light and help your kid conquer this fear. With our gadget and a touch of your imagination you can work wonders when teaching your little one how to use the toilet or potty.

🎁 Hands down, have you ever seen a more practical and unusual gift idea? Mugs and other boring presents are ancient history!  Last but not least, offer this cool gadget to a senior in your family. People with frequent urination tend to lose most of their valuable sleep due to having to switch the lights on every time they use the bathroom. Having the toilet light's soothing glow guide them through the night is such a huge improvement to their sleep and life quality.


The Toilet Light is powered by 3 AA batteries which are not included in the package.

All Mind-glowing products come with Free Lifetime Warranty


✔️ FLAWLESS SENSORS TO-THE-RESCUE - RainBowl works when needed so expect it to turn and stay on ONLY when it's dark and when someone walks into the bathroom. It will turn off 2 minutes after last detected movement (clapping won't do the trick but we're working on that feature).

✔️ HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION - Simply insert 3 AAA batteries (not included), adjust the exterior arm, place it on your toilet's rim and turn the lights off. That's literally it! The exterior adjustable arm allow you to mount this device on any potty or toilet.. or bathtub or swimming pool (joking about the last two). You should aim to have the sensors facing your bathroom door in order to achieve instant activation when someone enters the restroom during the night.

✔️ ONE BUTTON TO RULE THEM ALL - That's right... one button, 8 COLORS. They range from "Eye of Sauron Red" to "Interdimensional Portal Blue" and of course "Kryptonite Green". You just have to press the button to freeze your favorite (one-color-freeze mode) and press again if you want to restore color rotation (8-colors-carousel mode).

✔️ STRESS AND MESS FREE -  Say goodbye to turning on those evil blinding lights in the middle of the night and give your eye sight a second chance. The average battery life is 6 months - 1 year, depending on the brightness level and frequency used. Guys, imagine Luke Skywalker vs. the Death Star... times ten. Missing the target is not an option anymore thanks to RainBowl. Ladies, here's to a little less messy toilet!

Care & Use - The toilet night light is designed to resist casual water splashes so you can use a damp cloth to clean it, if needed. However, do not, under any circumstances pour liquids over the toilet light or dive it under water as this may cause permanent water damage.


Powered by: 3 AAA, 1.5 V Batteries (not included)
Material: ABS Casing
Light Source: LED - 8 Colors
Sensors: Light and motion (infrared)
Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC