Astronaut Light Projector
Astronaut Light Projector
Astronaut Light Projector
Astronaut Light Projector
Astronaut Light Projector
Astronaut Light Projector
Astronaut Light Projector

Astronaut Light Projector

$29.95 USD


UPC: 196852955244

Let me take you on a space adventure to remember..

👩‍🚀 Nice to meet you, I’m your personal astronaut and I will show you how wonderful our cosmos is! My endless nebula effects and vivid stars will transform your room into an interstellar wonder. I am here if your kid is afraid of the dark, excited about space or if you just wish to relax under the calming stars!

🌌 MY SUPER POWERS include: an effortless timing function, smart controls, multiple galaxy effects, 360* head rotation & a cool outfit that looks just like NASA’s space suit. Easily use the remote control to adjust brightness levels & stars fading rate, change light modes & nebula effects.

👩‍🚀 WHAT MAKES ME SO SPECIAL? My gift to you is a matching INFINITY FIDGET CUBE for stress relief & lots of fun! As an astronaut galaxy projector I come with COOL SPACE STICKERS, 2 charging cords (in case 1 gets lost), 1 x plug adapter, because real spacemen never come empty handed from missions!

🌌 A GIFT FROM A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY - Not to brag, but I'm an awesome present for both KIDS & ADULTS! I promise to spark your child’s curiosity & encourage them to always reach for the moon! I make an unique gift for astronomy lovers, toddlers or teens, even your mom or dad!

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✔️ Timing function - Set timer to either 45 or 90 min.

✔️ Smart controls - Placed on the backpack of the astronaut

✔️ 360* head rotation  - For an amazing 360* projection

✔️ Remote control - Adjust brightness levels, stars fading rate, nebula effects, control timer

✔️ Bonus items - infinity fidget cube, cool space stickers, 2 charging cords, 1 x plug adapter 

Care & Use - Do not look directly at the light source. Although the lights are safe and cannot cause eye damage, we encourage you to avoid looking directly at the light source. Even low-power laser light exposure can be uncomfortable, so you should avoid placing the astronaut in a place where it can hit your eyes.
- The astronaut’s body and head are connected by magnets. Do not overstretch the wire that ties the body to the head as it can break.
- Keeping the projector on for too long can lead to overheating and the light’s source intensity will decrease. In this case, turn the astronaut off for 15 minutes, then return to normal use.


Powered by: USB 3.0 Power Chord / Wall Plug Adapter
Material: ABS / PC / PVC
Laser Wavelength:
532 nm
LED Power
< 5W
Working modes:
Nebula and Star Projection
Certification: CE, RoHS, FCC
Power Input: DC5V1A
Use Temperature:  -5 C to 45 C
Operated by: Remote Control